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Utah Business – November 2017

The November 2017 issue of Utah Business magazine features the 20 in Their 20s and a special piece on the nonprofit industry’s use of unique experiences to raise both money and awareness.

20 in Their 20s:

There’s no minimum age for starting a business, making a difference in your community or darting up the corporate ladder – and these young professionals know it. Our honorees have let youthful energy, daring innovation and tenacity be their calling cards as they’ve struck out on their ambitious career paths.

Close Encounters:

Gone are the days when a museum or zoo could open its doors to the public and call it a day. Today’s nonprofit educational institutions are finding innovative ways to both bolster their bottom line and reach new audiences.

“You have to make money a to sustain your mission,” says Jared Springer, director of sales and events at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. The philosophy has been embedded in the aquarium’s model since the current location’s opening in 2014, owing to advice given to Brent Anderson, founder and CEO, at another aquarium – just because it’s a nonprofit, he was told by a mentor, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be run as a business.