Albion Financial Group Reaches $1B in Assets Under Management

Salt Lake City, Utah—Albion Financial Group, a local independent wealth management firm, announced last week that they have reached over $1 billion in assets under management. Summiting this mark distinguishes Albion and places them in an elite group among the top 4 percent of registered investment advisors in an industry of over 12,000 firms.

Accumulating $1 billion in AUM reinforces Albion’s status within the industry at large, as well as among their Utah peers. While Albion’s growth is evident, their culture of ensuring a rewarding experience for clients remains paramount. “We have worked since day one to know each of our clients and their aspirations so we can help them to reach their goals,” said Albion President, Principal and Co-Founder John Bird. “Reaching this figure in assets under management does not change the quality of what we do, but allows us the scale to have a deep team working on behalf of our clients every day.”

With a team of twenty-seven including six members who are Certified Financial Planners, two holding the Chartered Financial Analyst designation (CFA), and nine with MBA’s, Albion brings to bear great knowledge and experience on behalf of their clients. Under this structure, the Albion team works together to focus on client experience and maximize positive outcomes for each individual’s circumstance. Their high staff to client ratio and almost nonexistent employee turnover allows them to provide unrivaled consistency in both building meaningful client relationships and implementation of investment management services – an extremely rare combination in the financial services industry.

As a fee-only fiduciary, Albion insists on maintaining a culture that empowers every team member to do what is right for each client. Albion does not sell investment products, make commissions, nor otherwise engage in practices that are in conflict with their client first approach. “Our goal is to help each of our clients make a lifetime of good financial decisions,” noted Albion Partner Doug Wells, “if we can do that, our clients will be way ahead of the average investor.”

Albion Co-Founders John Bird and Toby Levitt have built the firm organically one client at a time choosing not to purchase existing books of business at any point during their 35-year history – an approach they believe has helped them achieve steady, quality growth. Albion’s successful model is truly a relationship business built on integrity and clarity of purpose – putting their clients’ interests ahead of all else.