Alan E. Hall: Outstanding Directors

Congratulations to Alan E. Hall, one of Utah Business’ 2016 Outstanding Directors honorees. Alan is the Founder of MarketStar and Tempus Global Data, Co-Founder of Mercato Partners and Chair of the Weber State University Board of Trustees.

Alan E. Hall: I think what’s prepared me to be involved in community service is the fact that we started as Peace Corps volunteers. Right after we graduated from Weber State we went to the jungles of Brazil and we learned about how important service was to our community. In this case we were serving a little town of several thousand people, teaching them leadership skills. But now as you come back into life you think, you know what, we should serve our community everywhere we can. We sort of drink from the community well all the resources that are provided to us. We need to put water back in that well and that’s called service, so it’s been part of my life since I was little.

Chuck Wight: Alan has been a student at Weber State, a donor, a teacher, and now a leader of our board of trustees. So he understands the institution through many different lenses. So he’s really uniquely suited to leadership of the board. Alan is a serial entrepreneur. And like many entrepreneurs he has made fortunes and lost fortunes and then made more fortunes. But surprisingly he doesn’t have a sense of ownership of wealth. He believes that he is a steward of wealth and uses that wealth to do good in the world.

Alan E. Hall: Businesses in general can’t be isolated. They have to be out working with everybody in the community. Governments and those not for profits, anywhere you can be involved to make a contribution to the greater whole. So it’s not just about making money, it’s about serving everywhere you can including yourself and all your employees.

Chuck Wight: Even though Alan is a very busy person, he’s got his fingers in a lot of pies. He always has time to stop and chat a little bit, offer words of encouragement or support if somebody needs it, and he’s never too busy to do that. That’s one of the things I really admire about him.

Alan E. Hall: You know, education is really important to me primarily because it gives us a chance to improve our quality of life because we learn important things, we develop skills and we have the ability then to be more marketable to someone who would like to employ us. And so I think for anybody, education is a significant thing to make their life better.