ADA Improvements to Picnic Sites Will Help launch City Creek Canyon’s Busy Summer Season

Salt Lake City –The Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities has upgraded two picnic sites in City Creek Canyon, making the spaces more accessible to people with disabilities and helping to usher in the busy summer season in the popular canyon.

The six-mile stretch of canyon will be open to cars throughout Memorial Day Weekend, as well as walkers. Starting, May 26th, the summer’s “odd-even” schedule takes effect. Motor vehicles are permitted to use the canyon on even calendar days, while bicycles are allowed on odd days, and on the paved road only. The odd-even schedule continues through September 30.


Walkers and runners are welcome every day, but are urged to watch for all traffic and to stay to the creek-side of the road for safety.

Public Utilities manages City Creek as part of the City’s culinary watershed system and has set regulations to protect the drinking water source. The City Creek Canyon Water Treatment Plant is located three miles up the canyon.

At Picnic Site 1, about 200 yards from the canyon entrance, upgrades include an ADA-compliant parking space for vans, a large concrete pad beneath the grill to accommodate wheelchairs and a table in keeping with ADA height requirements.

Picnic Site 30, a group space at the top of the canyon, features a wider sidewalk to the picnic pavilion and grade improvements to better accommodate wheelchairs.

“City Creek Canyon is first and foremost an important drinking water source, but our team also works every day to make it a welcoming place for recreation use. The ADA upgrades are part of an ongoing effort to make the canyon more accommodating to everyone,” said Laura Briefer, director of Salt Lake City Public Utilities.

“We’re all fortunate to have this beautiful canyon minutes from the heart of the City. That proximity makes it one of the most heavily used sections of our watershed, so we ask people to be mindful and help us keep City Creek pure.”

Regulations for canyon use include:

  • Speed limit is 15 mph for all motorized and non-motorized travel (including bicycles).
  • Pedestrians must use the creek-side lane, whether moving up or down the canyon.
  • Dogs must be on a six-foot leash at all times, only in areas where they are allowed. Dogs are not permitted above Picnic Site 16, which marks the start of protected watershed.
  • Exercise extra caution in spring and early summer while near the creek, and please supervise children closely. Runoff water is swift, cold and dangerous.
  • Please be aware that large Salt Lake City maintenance vehicles may be present in the Canyon at any time.
  • Operational hours are 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. On holidays, cars will not be allowed into the canyon after 6:30 p.m.
  • An entrance fee for cars just going for a drive or to a trailhead is $3, cash only please. Credit card payments coming soon.
  • The only vehicle access to City Creek Canyon is from B Street and 11th Avenue to Bonneville Boulevard (a one-way street) to Canyon Road. Turn right at Canyon Road and go 300 feet to canyon parking and entrance.

Photos of City Creek Canyon road and new ADA accommodations can be found at For a full list of City Creek Canyon regulations and suggestions, please visit: