June 17, 2013

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World-changing Inventions Showcased at Leonardo

Rachel Madison

June 17, 2013

When it comes to the 101 inventions that changed the world, some are easy to envision, like cellular phones and personal computers. But then there are inventions that don’t immediately come to mind—the electric guitar, canned goods and aspirin—that have equally changed the world.

This summer at The Leonardo, an exhibit called “101 Inventions That Changed The World” will be on display, highlighting everything from ancient stone tools to the modern-day space station. The approximately 40-minute show was created by Grande Exhibitions of Victoria, Australia, and is the exhibit’s first North American showing.

Rob Kirk, operations director for Grande Exhibitions, said a panel of eight science center CEOs from around the world collated the list of 101 inventions.

“We were very conscious about getting cultural influences from around the world,” he said. “We had experts from the U.S., Asia and Europe. They looked at a range of inventions from the dawn of humankind all the way up until now and picked key inventions from those time periods.”

The technology used for the multi-sensory show is called SENSORY4 and was created by Grande Exhibitions. It employs 40 screens, 40 high-definition projectors, high-quality surround sound, 6,000 video image files and 2 miles of cable.

“It’s a completely different experience from a traditional exhibit because it’s a new way to engage in subject matter,” Kirk said. “It’s a complete sensory experience. In addition to the technology, people can also see a traditional artifact display area with 60 of the inventions on display, augmented reality stations and a LEGO play area for children.”

Kirk said one of the goals of the exhibit is to begin discussions among museum goers about the inventions on the list, and why they should or should not be a part of the exhibit.

“We want people to question it and ask why things were included and why they weren’t,” he said. “It’s definitely not a definitive list.”

Angelina Kendzior, director of marketing for The Leonardo, said the exhibit will appeal to most Utah residents because the state is so technologically savvy.

“We like to merge science, technology and art,” she said. “This show does all of that. Between the music, graphics and the art work, everything in it combines those three elements. It matches The Leonardo’s mission.”

The exhibit opened Friday, June 14 and will run through Sunday, Sept. 15. The Leonardo is open Sunday through Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, visit www.theleonardo.org.

The “101 Inventions That Changed The World” are:

  1. Controlled fire
  2. Paper
  3. Pasteurization
  4. X-ray photography
  5. Arabic numerals
  6. 6. Optical fiber
  7. Telephone
  8. Birth-control pill
  9. Cellular phones
  10. Internet
  11. Electric motor
  12. Integrated circuit
  13. Incandescent light bulb
  14. Stone tools
  15. Powered airplane
  16. Television
  17. Artificial satellite
  18. Microprocessor
  19. Penicillin
  20. Gunpowder
  21. Public electricity supply
  22. Locomotive
  23. Radar
  24. Irrigation
  25. Motorcar
  26. Photography
  27. Wheel and axle
  28. Phonograph
  29. Enigma machine
  30. Atomic bomb
  31. Polio vaccine
  32. World Wide Web
  33. Microscope
  34. Refrigerator
  35. Punched card
  36. Cloning
  37. Printing press
  38. Electrical generator
  39. Laser
  40. Aspirin
  41. Personal computer
  42. Film camera/projector
  43. PVC
  44. Email
  45. Lens
  46. Dynamo
  47. Tractor
  48. High-pressure steam engine
  49. Vaccination
  50. Diesel engine
  51. Jet engine
  52. Gene therapy
  53. Supercomputer
  54.  Alphabet
  55. Color television
  56. Cyclotron
  57. Synthetic rubber
  58. SI units
  59. Reinforced concrete
  60. Electron microscope
  61. Hard disk drive
  62. Digital camera
  63. Magnetic resonance imaging
  64. Metalworking
  65. Spinning wheel
  66. Nuclear reactor
  67. Transistor radio
  68. Map
  69. Random access memory
  70. Glider
  71. Magnetic recording
  72. Electric guitar
  73. Space station
  74. Metric system
  75. Sonar
  76. Geostationary communications satellite
  77. LEGO
  78. Computer-aided manufacturing
  79. Telescope
  80. Artificial neural network
  81. Abacus
  82. Cuneiform script
  83. Bank note
  84. Haber process
  85. Nylon
  86. Polystyrene
  87. Radio telescope
  88. Movable type
  89. Canned goods
  90. Typewriter
  91. AC electric power
  92. Stainless steel
  93. Digital electric computer
  94.  Velcro
  95. Macadam
  96. Scanning tunneling microscope
  97. Submarine
  98. Transformer
  99. Air conditioning
  100. Global positioning system
  101. Sail
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