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Presented by Stoel Rives LLP & Utah Technology Council

April 8, 2013


LogMyCalls, a Service of Contactpoint

Businesses devote lots of time, effort and money to gathering information from and about their customers, especially online. But one area has remained unanalyzed: customer phone calls.

ContactPoint’s LogMyCalls lets companies close that hole. It uses speech-recognition technology to listen to what customers say during a call and proprietary algorithms to analyze it. It can then automatically apply the heard data toward actions such as lead-scoring, tracking close rates and triggering targeted follow-up marketing. For example, if a customer calling a car insurance company mentions that he owns a certain car model, LogMyCalls could target that customer for later advertising items specific to that model.

In addition, LogMyCalls gathers the kinds of information tracked by traditional call-tracking services, such as call time, volume and the marketing channel that produced the call.

LogMyCalls was awarded the grand prize in the 2012 Amazon Web Services Global Start-Up Challenge, beating out approximately 2,500 other applicants from around the world. 


Honorable Mentions:


Moab Cloud Suite by Adaptive Computing


Life Science : Biotech Finalists

Genglide Nanoinjection System by Nanoinjection Technologies LLC

For more than 40 years, medical and physiology researchers have experimented using transgenic animals—animals that carry a deliberately inserted foreign gene. Though vital to experimentation, producing transgenic animals has been a costly and time-consuming process, even with the most advanced technological procedure known as microinjection. The GenGlide Nanoinjection System is a tool that makes producing transgenic animals much more efficient, saving researchers time and money.

The process uses a very small, silicon needle, which is known as the lance. The lance is used to accumulate and retain DNA and is then introduced into an animal’s pronucleus, where the DNA is released. The lance is one-tenth the size of the current microinjection pipette, making this process easier and more efficient. In fact, the GenGlide is about twice as efficient as microinjection, offering a tremendous improvement in time, money and animal use, while also allowing scientists to allocate their resources to additional research. 


ATX-Red by Echelon Biosciences, Inc.

Early diagnosis is essential to successfully combating life-threatening illnesses like cancer. ATX-Red is a revolutionary imaging agent that is able to pinpoint the site of diseases like cancer, fibroses, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and many others—making earlier detection, diagnosis and treatment of such illnesses possible. Beyond detection, the imaging agent is also able to monitor real-time treatment progress.

The key to ATX-Red is its ability to see when autotoxin (ATX), an enzyme associated with several diseases, is elevated within the body. ATX-Red produces a near-infrared fluorescence signal when ATX activity is happening in the body. This non-invasive procedure is able to penetrate deeply into living tissue, unlike traditional methods.

Researchers believe ATX-Red will enhance clinical drug development and trials, help to identify patients who would benefit from ATX-targeted therapy, and serve as a companion diagnostic to monitor disease treatment. Ultimately, ATX-Red aims to make treatments more cost effective and relevant, as it is able to help medical providers offer a personalized medical approach tailored to specific patient needs.


Honorable Mention:

Teduglutide (Gattex®) by Nps Pharmaceuticals


Consumer Software & Web Services Finalists

AncestryDNA by Ancestry.Com

Personal DNA tests have been around for several years now, but’s new testing service, AncestryDNA, is the only one that can pair comprehensive DNA results with more than 44 million family trees and 11 billion genealogical records. Together, this information can help individuals find specific ancestors as far back as the mid-17th century and identify potential living relatives. The test also gives them their ethnic breakdown by percentage.

Genealogical researchers often hit roadblocks when tracing their family trees back several generations. AncestryDNA can help them continue the search after the paper trail ends by providing insight into ethnicity and possible genetic cousin matches.

AncestryDNA was launched in 2012, and since then the company has collected more than 100,000 samples. As the sample size grows, the company will be able to provide a greater confidence level in identifying possible living relatives. Researchers from several disciplines, including genealogy, anthropology, languages and others, are also interested in the data being amassed through AncestryDNA.

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