November 1, 2012

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Sarah Cutler, Di Lewis, Heather Stewart

November 1, 2012

Waste & Recycling

Instead of unused, expired fruits and vegetables rotting in a landfill, EcoScraps is collecting food waste from wholesalers and recycling them into a nutrient-dense soil.

“As food rots it emits methane gas,” says EcoScraps CEO Dan Blake. “All the food rotting in landfills produces 9 percent of the pollution in America.” Finding another use for food waste helps reduce the methane gas emitted into the atmosphere daily. And with the finished product—garden soils and compost mixes—plants grow quickly and receive the rich nutrients from a completely organic source.

Most people use chemical-based fertilizers, says Blake. Plants become dependant on the chemical fertilizers, resulting in the food grown in America being 80 percent less nutritious than it was 100 years ago. “Instead of having the dependence on chemical fertilizers, you are able to get long-term, sustained growth while re-building the soil’s ecosystem,” says Blake.

EcoScraps also accepts waste, such as saw dust shavings, from the community at a price 20 percent less than it costs to take it to the landfill. And to prove the safety of the product, Blake offers to eat the compost mix if challenged. He says it is all natural and safe for you and your children.

Momentum Recycling
Momentum Recycling has a mission to educate public, private and nonprofit organizations about the importance of recycling, and create opportunities and incentives for these entities to engage in socially responsible waste diversion practices.

Momentum recently introduced curbside glass recycling in Salt Lake City. All glass from both the curbside program and the drop-off locations is processed in Momentum Recycling’s new state-of-the-art glass processing plant located in Salt Lake’s Recycle Market Development Zone. Kate Whitbeck, vice president of sales and co-owner, says, “Momentum is committed to closing the loop by collecting and processing post-consumer glass, and identifying as many local end users for the processed cullet as possible.”

In the last four years, Momentum has recycled more than 5 million pounds of green waste (fruit, vegetable and yard waste), 2 million pounds of glass and 2.6 million pounds of mixed recyclables.

“Using recycled inputs in product manufacturing results in reduced air and water pollution and environmental destruction,” says Whitbeck. “Diverting both recyclables and green waste from the landfill can also considerably extend the life of the landfill, which keeps costs low for residents and businesses.”

People Water Inc.
With a goal of having 500 wells on seven continents by 2015, People Water works on the philosophy that the easier it is for people to help each other, the more they’ll do it. And that is why the Drop for Drop campaign is in place—for every bottle of water purchased, an equal amount of clean water will be given to a person in need.

People Water bottles are 100 percent recyclable, made from 100 percent recycled plastic, BPA free and filled with 100 percent natural spring water.

“We are committed to not only helping solve the environmental issues, but we are committed to helping solve the world water crisis,” says co-founder and chief water giver Cody Barker, co-founder and chief water giver. “In our first year of selling water, we have helped more than 8,000 people get access to clean drinking water. For us that is a huge accomplishment and inspiration to build a strong company.”

People Water has begun working with schools to educate students on recycling and the impact it has on the environment. An upcoming program will allow students to participate in recycling initiatives and compete with other schools in their districts for the most eco-friendly school, says Barker. “It’s a fun way for students to learn and to engage in our green movement.” 

Ace Recycling and Disposal, Inc.
In 2003, Ace Recycling and Disposal began providing curbside, single-stream recycling services. This service makes it possible to recycle multiple kinds of materials without having separate containers.          

“We now provide this service to nine cities, hundreds of commercial businesses and all residential housing at the University of Utah,” says Ruben Garza, special projects manager for the company. “In order to stay current on recycling issues, we also belong to the Recycling Coalition of Utah and the Utah Recycling Alliance. We currently partner with another local company to provide organics recycling at the University of Utah and glass recycling in Salt Lake City.”

In 2011, Ace hauled 35,000 tons of recyclable material to local processors, diverting it from landfills. And with its fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueled collection vehicles, more than 55,000 gallons of diesel were saved, reducing vehicle emissions.

“Our geothermal heat exchange system lowers our need for energy to maintain our facility. Converting our truck fleet to CNG reduces our emissions and pollutants. Xeriscape landscaping reduces our water consumption, and our commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle for the communities we serve helps to conserve both renewable and non-renewable resources for present and future generations,” says Garza.

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