February 1, 2012

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Healthy and Happy

Companies Reap the Benefits of a Healthier Workforce

Heather Stewart

February 1, 2012

Partner, Infinite Scale

Fittest Exec Female 49 and Under


How do you stay fit?

Fitness is a way of life for me. I consider it play. A lifestyle. I run, I practice yoga, I play on a women’s basketball team every Tuesday. I play volleyball and tennis when I can. I love enjoying the beautiful mountains of Utah with a mountain bike ride, or a road bike ride up one of the canyons.


What have you recently accomplished that you’re proud of?

I decided to run the New York City Marathon this year in celebration of my 40th year birthday. It was one of the most amazing marathons that I have run. I run in honor of my mother, whose Multiple Sclerosis has never taken away her drive and passion for life. She is my inspiration.


How do you incorporate fitness into your everyday life?

There are certain things that I do to stay fit that I incorporate into my lifestyle. I take the stairs when I can. I walk to places that I can walk, including walking to and from work. I like to take a walk after a big meal. And when I travel, the best way to explore a city is on foot.


What advice can you offer those who dread the daily workout?

You don’t have to be an athlete to run. You just start one mile at a time. It’s OK to incorporate walking into your runs. I actually walked a minute every mile when I ran the St. George marathon and it was one of my best marathons! The important thing is to get out there and do something, anything. Your mood will lighten, you will feel better, you’ll look better and you can even have fun while staying physically active.



Robert Stringham

CEO, Global Medical Staffing

Fittest Exec Male Over 50


What do you do to stay fit?

During the week, I try to bike or run most mornings before work for about an hour and then lift weights for another 20 minutes. At lunch, I try to swim or practice karate for another hour. On the weekends, my wife, Michelle, and I typically do a long run.


How do you stay motivated to exercise day after day?

I seem to have more fun swimming, biking, running, skiing and practicing karate than I do when I do not do them. That said, [my wife] and I joke every morning that there’s nothing fun about 5:00 a.m. Somehow we find it enjoyable.


What would you say to someone who can’t find the time to exercise?

Each week you have 168 hours, after working 40 and sleeping 56 hours, we are left with 72 hours. [Other necessities] take up about 50 hours per week. Most of us are left with about 22 hours that become the time of our lives. How do you want to spend it?


How has physical fitness improved your health?

They say that youth is wasted on young people. By being active in your 50s, hopefully you can enjoy some of that wasted youth now that you’re old enough to appreciate it.


Beyond health benefits, how has staying fit improved your life?

Keeping fit and active has allowed me to spend more quality time with kids. Most of our best memories are somewhere outdoors, skiing, hiking, sailing or in some slot canyon in Southern Utah.


Do you have any major goals for 2012?

My big goal this year is to try to qualify for the Kona Ironman Triathlon. I have two chances—the first opportunity will be at the St. Croix Half Ironman in May and then again at the Mont Tremblant Ironman in Quebec in August.


Andrew Oliverson

Senior Vice President, REO Sales, Green River Capital, LC

Fittest Exec Male 49 and Under


Why is fitness important to you?

I feel much better after a workout, knowing that I have the self-control to sacrifice what some others aren’t willing to (time, effort, junk food, etc).    Pushing through a challenging workout also instills discipline that I apply at home and work. Another plus is being able to participate in any physical activity without being laid up and sore the next day. Too many of us expect our bodies to perform like we are still teenagers, without giving it the necessary preparation!  


What exercising tips can you offer?

Don’t get caught up in the number of reps, the weight or your endurance out of the gate.  Take it one step at a time and don’t overdo it. Walking around the block daily for a week, then stepping it up and making it two/three, then running it when you are ready.  Don’t worry about what other people think, their expectations or short-term results! Your biggest mistake can be going to hard, too fast and then discouraging yourself back to the sofa. Instead, have a long-term perspective around fitness and do your best!

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