November 1, 2011

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Green Business Awards

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Green Business Awards

Paying Tribute to the Organizations Planting Seeds for a Greener Future

Heather Stewart, Di Lewis, Sarah Ryther Francom

November 1, 2011

While the BirdguarD line was the first product line, Kaddas Enterprises now does custom work for several industries and recently received the ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality management standards.


Enerlyte works on the premise that if people don’t know where their energy is being used, then it’s hard to decrease that use. By partnering with utility companies, Enerlyte uses proprietary technology to let consumers see how their energy use compares to similar homes, as well as providing tips to decrease energy use. The information is available online, on a utility bill and through a smartphone application.

Being green means customers are conserving resources while conserving cash, says Sam Steele, CFO. Businesses and homeowners save money by decreasing energy use, and utilities save money by reducing peak energy usage and the need for new infrastructure. Steele says the company wants to revolutionize the way people think about energy.

In addition to helping people and businesses conserve, Enerlyte’s office works on the same goal. They do as much paperless business as possible, buy energy efficient electronics and turn off machines when they’re not being used.

Packsize International LLC

Packsize International wants people to just change one thing—how they package products. By using the company’s On Demand Packaging system, businesses save time, money and the environment. CEO Hanko Kiessner says corrugated packaging is versatile, good for protection and environmentally sensible when the trees are sustainably managed. It also has a recovery rate of 80 percent and can be recycled up to seven times.

By using the Packsize system, companies program a machine to produce the right-sized box when needed, so there is no excess packaging and filler, no need to plan and store inventory, and no management of vendors. Boxes that fit the product are damaged less and take up less room, which reduces transportation costs and emissions.

While the company helps other businesses go green, Packsize’s factory and headquarters is 100 percent carbon neutral—powered entirely by wind- and water-generated electricity. Their Swedish manufacturing facility is also totally carbon neutral. The company’s fleet management and packaging software helps Packsize minimize carbon emissions and operating expenses.

inthinc Technology Solutions

Changing a small habit can have a big effect. Working from that basis, inthinc Technology Solutions provides software for fleet management and driver safety solutions that reduce environmental impact from vehicles. Reducing speeding, idling and aggressive driving all cut carbon dioxide emissions, so inthinc developed technology that alerts drivers when they’ve been idling too long, exceed the posted speed limit or are driving aggressively. Then a web-based management and reporting tool lets fleet managers monitor each vehicle in the fleet.

Aside from environmental benefits through emission reductions, Todd Follmer, CEO, says changing these habits makes drivers safer and lowers fleet maintenance costs. “Adopting green practices is a matter of changing habits one day at a time,” he says. “It is about behavior change—and that is what our technology achieves.” Inthinc is saving money and saving the environment one driver at a time.

Washakie Renewable Energy

At the time Washakie Renewable Energy (WRE) was formed in 2007, the demand for biodiesel was still limited. But WRE didn’t let that get in the way. Lacking available soybean oil, the company turned to waste and recycled oils and fats, ranging from used cooking oil to animal fats and byproducts to grease in the municipal water treatment facilities, says Sam Powell, head of public relations for the company.

Recycling these oils reduces waste in addition to cutting vehicle emissions. Washakie is the largest producer of biodiesel in the Intermountain West, and its biofuels have a direct, positive impact on Utah’s air quality, Powell says. WRE is also the fuel producer partner in the Freeways to Fuel program. The brainchild of USU Ph.D. student Dallas Hanks, the program plants oil seed crops along transportation corridors. By planting on these previously unused lands, the state could grow its own fuel and potentially save on weed control.

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